The Standout Munro Aubrey – with a Cut-Out leather upper

Munro Aubrey - Black and Stone Nubuck
Munro Aubrey Black & Stone Nubuck
The Munro Aubrey stands out from the rest of the Munro line with its cute lightweight cutout leather upper. This casual low heel women’s shoe is made from high quality materials in the USA and is both fashionable and comfortable. The Aubrey comes in 2 different colors for the fall 2014 season including Black Nubuck, and Stone Nubuck.

The original design nubuck leather upper has small circle, oval and triangle cutouts on the upper making it a very trendy style. These cutouts are through the leather letting the foot show.

The Munro Aubrey footbed is made of polyurethane and is contoured giving extra cushioning to the arch and heel. This footbed is also removable to accommodate for orthotics or other kinds of thin insoles. The insole is also contoured and provides extra padding in the ball of the foot.

The Munro Aubrey outsole is made of the Munro XL Ultralight EVA Soles that are durable and very flexible. This outsole has an embedded steel shand that provides extra support when walking and standing.

The Munro Aubrey comes in women’s US sizes 4 to 14 and widths from Super-slim (SS) to Extra-Wide (WW).

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