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Brand of the Month: Allen Edmonds


Three words make up the motto for Allen Edmonds "Quality, Service and Integrity." Not only are these words used as the company's motto, they provide a roadmap to guide all decisions made by Allen Edmonds. They strive to provide quality shoes and products for their customers.

The commitment to quality, service and integrity has led Allen Edmonds to be one of two men's dress shoe manufacturers to still construct their shoes domestically. Despite increasing pressure to move production overseas to lower cost and increase profit, Allen Edmonds has not compromised the quality of their product. Their shoes are still constructed by skilled craftsman. In recent years their factories have been refitted to lower production costs on the shoe while still maintaining the quality construction the customers have come to know. In fact, Allen Edmonds is actually increasing domestic production by adding a new facility that will produce 50,000 more pairs of handsewn shoes a year.

The Charleston is a four-eyelet blucher by Allen Edmonds. It's moc-toe makes it a very versatile oxford that can be paired with a wide variety of fashion options. The Charleston offers a single oak leather sole and full leather linings. The 270° welt gives it a sleek, contemporary look. The Charleston is constructed in the USA with the finest quality imported leathers.
The Cambridge is a classic wingtip balmoral by Allen Edmonds. With is perfing detail and toe medallion, the Cambridge is perfectly paired with professional attire. It is available in suede, calfskin or shell cordovan leather. It features a 360° Goodyear welt, single oak leather sole and full leather linings. The Cambridge is constructed using the finest imported leathers in the USA.
WinnetkaThe Winnetka is a slip-on loafer by Allen Edmonds. Its Othello rubber sole gives the slip-on a more rugged look that can be worn in all weather conditions. The Winnetka's saddle moc styling with a split toe gives this slip-on sophistication and has made it a customer favorite. Constructed on a 360° welt with full leather linings, it is as comfortable as it is versatile. The Winnetka is constructed in the USA using the finest imported materials.

Brand of the Month: Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds: Style
Allen Edmonds’s shoes are designed to reflect an American Classic design philosophy. With this philosophy, they create enduring styles that reflect the timeless elegance their customers desire. Allen Edmonds offers several collections of shoes to suit the varied style needs of their customers’ wardrobes.
The Classic and Timeless Classics collections reflect classic American styling that has been popular for decades. Many of these shoes have been top sellers throughout the history of the company. These classic looks are perfect additions to professional wardrobes or to add an elegant finishing touch for a night out on the town.
The Italian Collection features a variety of slip-ons made of Italian leather using Italian construction methods. These shoes add a sophisticated touch of flair to any wardrobe. The classic Italian details and sleek silhouettes offered by the Allen Edmonds Italian Collection are perfect for the office or to dress up a casual wardrobe.
The Executive Collection by Allen Edmonds is designed to give the classic look of the Classics Collection with more functionality. The shoes in this collection offer a rubber outsole and a PORON padded heel. The rubber outsole allows the shoes to be worn in any weather conditions. Like the Classic Collection these shoes embody classic American styling and will add an elegant touch to any wardrobe.
The Casual Collection by Allen Edmonds offers the customer a wide range of style options, from casual dress shoes to handsewn moccasins to boat shoes; this collection can add casual sophistication to any weekend wardrobe. The Weekend Collection offers similar stylings. Many of the shoes in this collection offer rubber driving soles and are suitable as indoor/outdoor slippers.
The Crosstown Collection is perfect for the customer who needs a shoe that offers the versatility in style to transition from daytime wear to nighttime wear. The Crosstown Collection’s shoes offer durable rubber outsoles with stylish uppers that are as comfortable as they are elegant.
Lastly Allen Edmond’s Boot collection offers something for every customer. The styles run from dressy and elegant to casual and rugged.

MacNeil by Allen Edmonds

The MacNeil is a strikingly fashionable wingtip by Allen Edmonds. With its extended wingtip and perforated detailing including a toe medallion design, the MacNeil is an elegant addition to any professional wardrobe. The shoe is constructed using shell cordovan and features a 360° welt with a double oak leather sole. It is constructed in the US with the highest quality materials.

Verona by Allen Edmonds

The Verona is an Italian style slip on made by Allen Edmonds. With is updated styling and sophisticated metal bit accent, the Verona adds an elegant European flair to any wardrobe. Constructed in Italy using the finest quality calfskin leather, the Verona is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Cody by Allen Edmonds

The Cody is a short vamp moc-toe slip-on by Allen Edmonds. Braided detailing on the toe and forepart give this shoe just the right amount of panache. With its tassles and short kiltie, the Cody is a sophisticated alternative to traditional dress shoes.

Brand of the Month: Allen Edmonds


Fine leather used by Allen Edmonds

Craftsmanship and quality have always been held to the highest standards by Allen Edmonds. They have always sought out the finest materials such as high quality leather from Italy.  Along with top quality materials, Allen Edmonds has sought out the most skilled shoe craftsman in the world to create their handcrafted top quality men’s dress shoes.

Cork layer footbed
One of the most important construction features of an Allen Edmonds' dress shoe is the cork layer between the insole and outsole which allows each foot to form its own uniquely shaped footbed for true custom comfort.  The cork/latex layer is applied to the bottom of the insole while hot and then the outsole is attached to the upper using one of Allen Edmonds varied welt constructions.
Allen Edmonds creates its 360° Goodyear welted footwear using a manufacturing process that involves over 200 steps. From cutting of the leather using dies to the handstitching of the uppers, Allen Edmonds’ shoes are known worldwide for their durability, comfort and fit. The 360° welt is stitched around the perimeter of the outsole, which eliminates the need for the metal shank found in most brands to create rigidity.
The Allen Edmonds’ shoes created using the 270° Goodyear welted construction feature a narrower heel and a sleek look. The 270° welting from heel to heel have a PORON™ –padded heel for added comfort. Classic 270° welted shoes also offer full leather soles giving the shoes the classic look of other 360° welted styles.
Handsewn shoes by Allen Edmonds are constructed using a tubular moc construction. Tubular moc construction results in a shoe with superior flexibility and comfort by allowing leather to be pulled around the last and stitched to the upper which is then joined to the sole to complete the shoe. Allen Edmunds handsewn shoes are crafted by skilled shoemakers that spend hours stitching each pair of shoes. The resulting beautifully crafted footwear shows the outstanding skill of the artisan.
Allen Edmonds uses Bologna construction on their Italian slip-ons. Bologna construction is an Italian technique where the leather used in the upper extends all the way around the shoe and sewn into a tube. The upper is lined and the lower part is covered with a soft insole. Bologna construction allows a close cut sole that gives the slip-on a sleek profile and makes it extremely lightweight.  
Instead of using a Goodyear welt, the Crosstown Collection by Allen Edmonds features a flat-lasted construction technique, where the sole is adhered to the shoe.  Crosstown Collection shoes have natural calfskin and cotton doublers in the uppers to allow breathability and moisture absorption. The shoes also offer a memory foam layer in the insole for superior comfort.

Allen Edmonds Leeds

The Leeds is a dress oxford by Allen Edmonds. With its Shell Cordovan upper that is naturally wrinkle and water-resistant, the Leeds is stylish and durable. This plain toe, five-eyelet blucher has full leather lining and a split reverse welt. It’s 360° Goodyear welt and Reddenbach double oak leather sole with custom stacked heel provide comfort and flexibility. The Leeds fuller fitting, rounded toe provides a great fit. The Leeds is handcrafted with the finest imported leathers in the USA.

Allen Edmonds Walden

The Walden is a handsewn loafer by Allen Edmonds. The classic pinchpenny loafer is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.  With its classic detailing and full leather lining, the Walden is as comfortable as it is stylish. It offers a PORON™ cushion layer in the insole for long lasting comfort. The Walden also has a single oak leather sole with a custom stacked heel. The Walden is made in the USA with the finest quality imported materials.

Allen Edmonds The Links
The Links is a classic saddle oxford made by Allen Edmonds. This shoe is made with distressed leather and a shock absorbing Othello rubber sole and with its four-eyelet saddle shoe blucher is a well-built shoe for casual dress to work or on the weekends. The Links features contrasting trim and stitching and woven laces to add to the rustic look of the shoe. It also has full leather lining and a 360° Goodyear welt. The Links is handcrafted using the highest quality imported leathers in the USA.

Brand of the Month: Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds: The Heritage

Established in 1922, Allen Edmonds has created a rich heritage in the shoe industry. Their commitment to providing the customer with a high quality, comfortable shoe with timeless design has made them a beacon in the industry. Throughout their history, the company has weathered the varied financial climates of the nation, supported soldiers by providing footwear during World War II, and prospered with US made products while other companies have outsourced their production overseas to cut costs. By providing shoes to soldiers in the Army and Navy during World War II, Allen Edmonds created a fiercely loyal customer base once the war was over and the men had to return to the professional workforce. The loyalty of the customer base has passed from generation to generation. Many of Allen Edmonds shoes are recraftable, meaning you can repair the soles and heels and restore the uppers once they begin to show signs of wear.
 Allen Edmonds' Delray
The Delray is a dress oxford by Allen Edmonds. The tapered close seamed, split-toe and plug overlay give this five-eyelet blucher a distinguished look. Full leather linings and a regular welt give the Delray superior comfort without sacrificing style. It also offers a single oak leather sole with a custom stacked leather heel with a 360° Goodyear welt. The Delray is made of the finest quality materials in the USA. It comes in full and half sizes and varied widths.
Allen Edmonds' Maxfield
The Maxfield is a classic styled handsewn moccasin that’s versatility can be paired with casual dress on the weekend or dress slacks. It features woven leather detailing on the saddle and on the collar. Its handsewn leather tassles lend a classic look to this fully lined leather moccasin. The Maxfield has a single oak leather sole with a custom stacked heel on a 360° last. It is constructed using Allen Edmonds tubular moc construction which ensures a lightweight, flexible yet durable shoe. The Maxfield is USA constructed of the finest imported leathers.
Allen Edmonds' Strand
A standard in the Allen Edmonds collection since 1983, the Strand embodies refined elegance. As a part of the Timeless Classics collection, this cap toe balmoral features perfing details and a medallion toe. The Strand is an excellent addition to any professional wardrobe. . It also offers a single oak leather sole with a custom stacked leather heel with a 360° Goodyear welt. The Strand is made of the finest quality materials in the USA. It comes in full and half sizes and varied widths.