Taos Cha Cha - for more then dancing

About Taos Cha Cha

Taos Cha ChaThe Taos Cha Cha is a very trendy Mary Jane lace-up comfort shoe that is designed for more then dancing. This women’s casual almost dressy shoe features a low heel rubber outsole with a strap over the instep. The Cha Cha is offered in 2 colors including: Brown Rub off and Black.

The Taos Cha Cha upper is made from high quality full grain leather. The upper features laser cutout overlays on the boarder of the opening of the shoe. The strap over the instep has laces for security on the foot and adjustability for extra comfort. The insole is the Curves and Pods by Taos that is very padded and gives amazing arch support. This insole is also removable to accommodate orthotics. The Taos Cha Cha comes in women’s sizes 6 - 11 whole sizes, 6.5 - 9.5 half sizes (U.S.).

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The Hidden Wedge Munro Ashlie

Munro Ashlie Black Crosshatch Suede

About the Munro Ashlie

The Ashlie by Munro is a simple hidden wedge dress shoe. This American made high quality women’s dress shoe is simple like a ballet shoe but extremely more comfortable. The Ashlie comes in 5 different colors including Wine Crosshatch Suede, Taupe Crosshatch Suede, Black Crosshatch Suede, Grey Crosshatch Suede and Gold Crosshatch Suede.


Munro Ashlie Wine Crosshatch Suede
The Munro Ashlie upper is made from suede that has a crosshatch design. The is defined as lines that cross so this unique Munro design consists of hundreds of straight lines that cross making. The upper features an elastic topline trim that makes this shoe snug and comfortable on the foot. This trim has a zigzag stitching for a nice look. The upper is lined with a soft knit material that wicks away moisturizing keeping the foot feeling good and letting the foot breath.
Munro Ashlie Taupe Crosshatch Suede


The Munro Ashlie insole contoured for extra support and is made from a polyurethane and poron giving excellent cushioning. The insole is also removable to accommodate dress orthotics or doctor proscribed insoles.
Munro Ashlie Gold Crosshatch Suede


The Munro Ashlie outsole is made from a latex rubber that is shock absorbent, flexible and slip resistant. There is also a steel shank in the sole that provides support while walking and standing. The Munro last is number 506 with a hidden heel height of .5”.
Munro Ashlie Grey Crosshatch Suede


The Munro Ashlie size range is from 4 to 14 with widths from Super Slim ( 4A ) to Extra Wide ( 2E ). With 75 different combinations of widths and sizes Munro American is one of the best women shoe brands for hard to fit feet.

The Munro Jenna a Dress Mary-Jane

The Munro Jenna is a wedge dress Mary-Jane women’s style. This dressy professional shoe comes in 4 different colors with two different leather designs. The colors include: Black Kid Suede with Crosshatch Print, Wine Kid Suede with Crosshatch Print, Black Kid with Textured Print and Brown Kid with Textured Print. The Jenna is made in America from high quality leathers and natural rubbers.

About Munro Jenna


Munro Jenna Black Kidskin
The Munro Jenna upper in both leather designs is made from a soft leather that is breathable and soft to the touch. The upper is made after the classic Mary-Jane style with a strap over the instep. This strap is a hook and loop closure that helps make the Jenna a great fit on the foot.

The Munro Jenna is available two different types of design leathers smooth kidskin leather that is partly textured and crosshatch suede. These two types of leather give this classic style a new fresh and trendy look.
Munro Jenna Brown Kidskin


The Munro Jenna insole is has a removable contoured foot bed that is made from soft and cushioned polyurethane. The insole is removable to accommodate for a dress orthotic or doctor proscribed insole if needed.
Munro Jenna Wine Crosshatch
Wine Crosshatch


The Munro Jenna has a dressy wedge outsole with a 1.25-inch heel height. This outsole is made from a lightweight natural latex rubber material that is shock absorbent and slip-resistant. The outsole also has a steel shank to help give support and stability while walking and standing. The Munro last number for the Jenna is 534.


Munro Jenna Black Crosshatch
Black Crosshatch
The size range for the Munro Jenna is from 4 to 14 with widths from Super Slim (4A) to Extra Wide (2E).