New Men's Dress Shoe the Allen Edmonds University.

The new Allen Edmonds University is a U-throat wingtip lace-up dress shoe made for men. The unique U-throat wingtip is a modern design that is much like a traditional wingtip design with a little twist. This men’s dress shoe also features balmoral design with 6-eyelets. A balmoral upper is designed more for feet that do not have a high instep. The University is a 333 Allen Edmonds last which has a slightly long profile, with a square shape for a more European looking toe. The Allen Edmonds University comes in 2 different colors including: Black Leather/Blue Lining and Walnut Burnished Leather/Orange Lining.
Allen Edmonds University Walnut Leather

B (Narrow): 9 - 12, 13, 14
D (Medium): 7 - 12, 13, 14, 15
E (Wide): 7 - 12, 13, 14
EEE (Extra Wide): 7.5 - 12, 13, 14

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