Jewel the Most Colorful Sandal by Wolky!

The Wolky Jewel is the most colorful sandal made by Wolky. This number one sandal by Wolky comes in 35 different colors from White to Black and all the colors in between.
Wolky Jewel Black Smooth
Black Smooth

The Jewel’s insole is made up of 3 different layers. The bottom layer is a full cork footbed. This gives great arch support and molds to the foot when worn, making the sandal more comfortable the more you wear it. The middle layer is a contoured memory foam to give added support and padding. The final top layer of the Jewel is a black soft suede leather that absorbs moisture and is a great feel to the touch. The footbed is also removeable to accomadate orthotics or doctor prescribed insoles.
Wolky Jewel White Smooth
White Smooth

 The Wolky Jewel’s leather upper has 3 adjustable Velcro straps giving a great fit. The strap around the heel and the strap on the instep are hook and loop straps giving greater adjustability. The upper is also leather lined which makes it more breathable and gives a longer shape hold.

 The Wolky Jewel’s outsole is made from a lightweight Polyurethane (PU) that is very durable and flexible. The Polyurethane also adds to the over all cushioning and support of the sandal.

The Wolky Jewel is made in medium widths and Euro sizes 36 (5-5.5), 37 (6-6.5), 38 (7-7.5), 39 (8-8.5), 40 (9-9.5), 41 (10-10.5), 42 (11-11.5), 43 (12-12.5) and 44 (13-13.5).

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