Taos: shoes for in and out of the House!

Taos Footwear, pronounced House with a T, are inspired by the American Southwest. They make bold colorful stylish sandals, shoes, and boots. The Designs are made for the workingwoman who refuses to compromise fashion with comfort. Taos have incredibly comfortable insoles that are specially designed to give arch support and cushioning.
There are nine different collections that Taos makes:

Trulie - Taos

  • Deco
  • Chopped
  • Undressed
  • Signature
  • Stand Up
  • Casual
  • Leawood
  • Portofino
  • Boots
The Taos shoes come in American and Euro Sizes depending on the style. The insoles are made from either a combination of cork and polyurethane or firm polyurethane to give padding along with amazing arch support. The insoles are either lined with suede or a breathable fabric to keep your feet feeling fresh throughout the day. 

With the insoles being made with so much padding and support the shoe’s outsoles can be made from a dense, durable and flexibility natural rubber that provides great wear with out losing any comfort.

The uppers are leather lined and made of high quality soft leathers. Taos footwear prides themselves in making fashionable comfort shoes. This is done by not only the designs but also the unique and trendy colors they offer.

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