Naot Elegant Collection

The Naot Elegant collection features 9 colorful stylish comfort sandals. The uppers are made from extra soft Italian leather. The footbeds are Naot’s anatomic cork and latex combination footbeds that give excellent arch support and cushioning. With natural cork moldings to the shape of the foot with wear. The outsoles are made of lightweight air-injected polyurethane adding shock absorption and durability. All of these sandals have a
1.5-inch heel height and have a narrow to medium width. 

Naot Ashley
The Naot Ashley features rhinestone accents across the instep and elastic gore for a great fit. The Ashley comes in 17 different colors: White Leather, Black Madras Leather, Copper Leather, Metal Leather, Steel Leather, White Patent Leather, Black Patent Leather, Black Reptile Patent Leather, Dusty Silver Leather, Embossed Pearl Leather, Black Lace Nubuck, Peacock Leather, Brown Lizard Leather, Orange Leather, Gold Sheen Leather, Yellow Patent Leather and Cheetah Patent Leather.

Naot Bernice
The Naot Bernice has double gore at the instep and a hook & loop back strap this allows for additional adjustability. The Bernice comes in 6 colors including: Buffalo Leather, Black Raven Leather, Sterling Leather, Sky Leather, Biscuit Leather, and Night/White/Rainy Gray Leather.

Naot Brooke
The Naot Brooke has 3 straps that stretch for adjustability and comfort with a leather-lined center with rhinestone accents for style. The Brooke comes in 3 colors: Black Raven/Shiny Black/Black Stretch, Silver Threads/Sterling/Gray Stretch and Gold Sheen/Linen/Taupe Stretch.

Naot Emma
The Naot Emma is a 2 strap women’s slide sandal featuring rhinestone and rivet accents across the instep with elastic gores for adjustability. The Emma is made in 4 colors: Quartz/Soft Gray, Sunshine/Pewter, Black Raven/Black Nubuck and Silver Threads/Mirror.

Naot Kayla
The Naot Kayla is a three-strap sandal with a hook & loop strap at the instep and a back strap for added stability and support. The Kayla comes in 19 different colors: White Leather, Embossed Black Leather, Black Matte Leather, Rumba Leather, Copper Leather, Bone Nubuck, Metal Leather, Java Nubuck, Clay Nubuck, Steel Leather, Black Patent Leather, Embossed Buffalo Leather, Buffalo Leather, Black Reptile Patent Leather, Black Lace Nubuck, Coral
Naot Kimberly
Patent Leather, Gold Sheen Leather, Moss Leather and Biscuit Leather.

The Naot Kimberly is a 2-strap slide sandal that has contrasting leathers with a leaf inspired design and accenting rhinestones. The Kimberly comes in 5 colors including: Brushed Black/Black Patent/Metallic Road Leather, Metal/Mirror/Sterling Leather, Coral
Naot Lena
Reef/Orange/Mandarin Leather, Royal Blue/Purple/Navy Patent Leather and Dusty Silver/Pearl Patent/Quartz Leather.

The Naot Lena is a unique slide sandal with leather lace accents and stretch fabric on the instep for a great fit. The Lena comes in 3 spring and summer colors: Black Nubuck/Brushed Black Leather, Mine Brown Leather/Brown Shimmer Nubuck and Celadon/Mirror Leather.

Naot Madison
The Naot Madison is a comfortable and supportive sandal that has two straps with Velcro straps that are padded for comfort and adjustability. The Madison comes in 3 colors: Black Madras Leather, Metal Leather and Stardust Leather.

Naot Sophia
The Naot Sophia is a crisscross strap casual sandal with contrasting leather straps for style. The Sophia comes in 3 colors: Brushed Black/Black Crinkle Patent/Metallic Road Leather, Purple/Orange/Poppy Leather and Cinnamon/Biscuit/Champagne Leather.

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